Thursday, July 17, 2014


“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” 
~ Pablo Picasso ~

Miss C has always loved to draw. When she was about 18 months old, we took her to the pumpkin patch, and a few days later she painted an orange pumpkin with a trail of green leaves. I was surprised by how perfectly she had painted it at such a young age. Thankfully her love of drawing didn't end there, and she still spends plenty of her free time lost in her artwork.  I love it when she disappears into her room, and a little while later arrives at my side holding one of her drawings. I have many of her creations framed in the house.

Today we decided to set up the art supplies on the deck table and enjoy the warm summer sun while we painted. I joined her, because I love to sit next to her and lose myself with a paintbrush. I am no Picasso, but it is so relaxing to paint just for the fun of it.
It was fun to witness a baby tiger slip from her imagination and boldly appear on the blank piece of paper.

The jungle soon appeared.

Once the picture was created, it was then time to splash on a little colour.

For many years, I didn't hold a paintbrush, but thankfully spending quality time with my children has helped me to rekindle this creative outlet.  I hope that Miss C's love of art will not stay framed in her childhood but will follow her through her entire life. I truly believe being creative is important to our well-beings. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

volunteering love

"Any glimpse into the life of an animal quickens our own and 
makes it so much the larger and better in every way."

~ John Muir ~

While buying cat food at one of our local pet stores, my best friend stumbled upon a pamphlet from a Kitty Rescue Centre and among other things they were in need of volunteers to play with their kittens. Since this family loves cats and Miss I needs volunteer hours to graduate from high school we happily signed up.

Monday was our first day. There were five kittens in need of love; two of the kittens had just been rescued from the side of the road that morning.   The newest additions were a little nervous of us at first, but soon they were joining in on the play and allowing us to hold them. It was so much fun to watch them tumble and play. It also felt good to snuggle their sweet, furry little bodies. The kittens played hard for over an hour and then tired and fell fast asleep. 

It is so good for the kittens to spend time in the company of  humans as it helps prepare them for their new homes. Without a doubt, it was good for us to spend time with the kittens as we left feeling happier and grateful. We fell in love with each and every one of them, and we really couldn't imagine volunteer work to be any sweeter.

Friday, July 11, 2014

cottage life

It is our dream to own a cottage. To awake next to the water and to spend our weekends in a quiet, peaceful setting. For now, it must remain a dream, but hopefully in a few years we can make that dream a reality.

On Canada Day, we were lucky enough to spend a few moments in our dream. We usually spend Canada Day downtown mixed up in the crowds and the excitement of celebrating our country's birthday. It has always been fun, and we have lots of happy memories to attest for it. This year, we had a change of pace as we spent the day at our dear friends' cozy cottage on the lake. We enjoyed awesome food, boating, kayaking, swimming, and best of all good company.  We came home filled with happiness because of our soul nurturing day. (Thank you Wendy, Jeff and Matt)

Here are a few pictures to complete the story.

Monday, July 7, 2014


Our summer holidays, like many summers before, began with a trip to the Strawberry Patch. It was a beautiful morning, and the strawberries were bigger and juicier than I remember from previous summers. It  didn't take long for us to gather three heaping baskets of strawberries. 

At home, we washed the berries and froze most of them in small bags to use for our winter smoothies. We made yummy strawberry shortcakes for dessert and, of course, enjoyed a few bowls of them while they were fresh.

The truth is though, the reason I love our annual trip to the strawberry patch goes much deeper than heaping baskets of warm strawberries and strawberry shortcakes. For me, it is a chance to spend time next to my children as we methodically pick strawberries from the bushes one at a time. It's an opportunity for us to slow down, if only for a few minutes. We get to enjoy each other's company without all the distractions so common in the world. I guess my hope is that if they experience the simpler things in life their hearts will remember these moments fondly. 

I love the summer months because it gives us all a chance to recharge our batteries, and for this mother it gives me more time to show my girls a simpler and slower pace to life. 

Friday, June 27, 2014


It's been a while since we read a book together, but a few weeks ago Miss C asked if we could read together. I have always loved snuggling up and reading with the girls, but as they have grown they usually prefer to find their own quiet place to read. So a request to read together is one that I cherish more than words can convey.

We share the reading,  but my favourite part is sitting back and listening as her voice bounces over the words so effortlessly. I watch as her mouth forms the words and her face tells it's own story. There is something so beautiful to feel her deep seeded love for the written word, warms my soul. 

Today we sat on the swing on our deck to read. It was one of those perfect summer days where the warm summer sun spilled down, but a gentle breeze kept us from feeling too hot.  As we sat together on our swing, reading and being completely present, I paused and gave thanks for this perfectly ordinary moment that I shared with my sweet fellow book lover. 

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Saturday, June 21, 2014

good for the soul

Taking pictures brings me immense joy. It's my creative outlet. Which begs to question why I have been letting my camera sit on my bookshelf for days on end without even a second glance. Of course, I've managed to capture a few of the bigger moments like dance recitals, athletic banquets and even the planting our vegetable garden, but I fail to pull out my camera and capture those perfectly ordinary moments I love so dearly. 

Since taking pictures is like playtime for me, it's kinda like my sandbox. I need to hop in and let the sand run through my fingers and feel the warm, graininess between my toes. It's time for me to just let my creative juices flow. When I'm taking and editing pictures time slips by because I'm completely lost in in my own world. It's so good for my soul. I want this summer to be about doing lots of things that are good for my soul. 

Here's to a summer of capturing the "ordinary" moments and doing things simply because it makes me happy!
Our little dancer

All dressed up for her athletic banquet

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

the adorable miss L

With my busy schedule, I rarely take pictures of people outside of my family. Teaching part time and being a mom pretty much keeps me hopping. However, I love photography so much that when someone asks me to take pictures I just can't say no. I had so much fun photographing this sweet little two year old that I might want to squeeze in a few more sessions this year. I loved every moment I got to spend with this adorable and very smart toddler! 

So thank you to her parents for inviting me into their home to capture a few precious moments with Miss L.