Wednesday, September 2, 2015

237/365 - hockey tape

August 25
My girl getting her hockey stick ready for her game tonight. I just adore her.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

235-236/365 - more backyard musing

August 23
I'm so happy my sunflowers are blooming in all their glory in my backyard and that they are forever in pictures for me to enjoy. I want to enlarge at least one of them to hang boldly on a wall somewhere in the house.  Being able to capture things I love so I can enjoy them all year round is just one of the reasons I adore photography.

August 24
My silly kitty is so happy to be puttering around the back yard with me. I think this is his way of begging me to stay just a little longer. How can I say no?

Monday, August 31, 2015

238/365 - sanding

August 26
I have wanted to refinish some of the furniture we have around the house. I've even created a pile of small projects at the beginning of the summer, but until today they just sat there. I'm not sure why this small task feels so daunting, or why it's so easy to put things off until tomorrow. All I know it drains my energy every time I think about those projects that sit in small piles.

Well, today I'm sanding a small bench and table. Then I need to add a little paint. 

I'm ready to make a complete mess of things, but I am not willing to let those projects just sit there draining my energy anymore. So here's to letting the dust fly!

234/365 - gift of friendship

Dear Wilma,

Today we celebrated another Gotcha Day without you. I missed you, but I felt you there. 

I felt you as we gathered around our dining room table and devoured Chinese Food, and when we ate cake and swapped stories about the year that passed. 

I do love how Tom and Madi weave you into the conversations with such ease. Your beautiful spirit was everywhere.

I especially felt you as I took the annual Gotcha Day photos. I remembered how we would stand shoulder to shoulder with our camera's clicking. It was our thing. We both loved photography so deeply. 

I miss how we could get lost in conversations over big mugs of tea. I miss how you laughed easily and always hugged me like you meant it. 

We came together because of our girls but the friendship that erupted came because we truly loved each others company. While I will always miss you, I am so glad that you were my friend and that you touched my life so profoundly. 

You see I am so grateful for every moment we had together, and I am grateful that we still get to love Tom and Madi. Gratitude seeps through my soul because we became mothers on that beautiful, magical day in China. I also love that we also got to share 11 years of mothering together. You inspired me then, and you continue to inspire me to be a better person and mother.

Happy Gotcha Day sweet friend. Thank you for continuing to bless me from afar. 


Sunday, August 30, 2015

233/365 - celebrating 15 years as a family

August 21

It was 15 years ago that I became her mommy.

When my eyes opened in China so many years ago, they fell on the tiny crib that sat empty next to my bed. I thought of the all the moments Bob and I had to experience to arrive at this very moment. The pain we felt, tears we shed, and the mountains of disappointment we climbed. We had traveled a long journey, but thankfully a force much bigger than us was guiding us and by the grace of God we never gave up hope and we had leaned heavily on faith. 

That morning as we prepared to meet our baby I realized that our souls had always known the way. Our souls guided us here to this very moment. 

Just hours after we woke our tiny baby slipped into my arms, and she dove deeply into our hearts, she has changed us in ways we could never have dreamed possible. 

It felt like our souls had been waiting for each other and every fear or worry I had ever had melted away and I was oddly calm. As the energy bursted like fireworks around us, I just held her tiny body next to mine. I was completely in awe of this tiny, sweet little miracle.

Later that night as I tucked her sleepy body into the crib next to our bed tears of gratitude fell from my face. We had followed our hearts and trusted, and we had found our baby. As I kissed her good night, I thought about the bible verse I had heard so many times in church as I sat side by side with my parents.

 "Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love."

I knew at that moment, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest gift of all is love!!

This child has filled our lives with love. As I watch her grow and evolve I am still in awe. Still completely and utterly in awe that God found us worthy. There is not a day passes that I don't feel the utmost gratitude for the precious gift of motherhood. 

A couple of pictures before hockey practice.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

232/365 - soul work

August 20
Today is a collage of iPhone pictures from our afternoon with the kitties. We always walk away feeling so relaxed and happy; this volunteer work is like medicine the soul! 

Friday, August 28, 2015

228-213/365 - a spider, flowers and tomatoes

August 16 - My sunflowers are slowly waking up. 

August 17 - There will be yummy tomatoes on our sandwiches today!

August 18 - A spider "friend" who was not happy about being photographed, she kept darting off her web. Thankfully after a few attempts I managed to capture her. 

August 19 - Our sunflower is almost fully awake.